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What We Do


Coordinate hospital limb difference events across the US and Canada for families and patients with connections to the hospital. We host events to promote awareness and to educate, connect, and celebrate the limb difference community.


Facilitate and maintain discussions through forums of current topics within the limb loss & limb difference community through our website and social media.


We’re a starting point for your research journey related to limb loss and limb differences by providing cited support groups, educational and peer-reviewed research material


Develop and provide resources to the hospitals via guides, pamphlets, and interactive tools so that new families are directed instantly to the community and have support.


Social media- we strive to keep personal connections with our followers through marketing, messaging, posts, and comments. We do features of our followers and limb difference spotlights which provide cited educational information on various limb differences and we facilitate connections by tagging references, sources and related accounts. We do instagram recorded live interviews where we chat with members of the community. It’s highly important for us to support other accounts within the community and facilitate in leading our members to as much support as possible. Collaboration and supporting others within the community is very important to us.

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