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Small and Inclusive Businesses

"Custom work is hard to do and often costs up to three-times more. Perhaps this is why bigger brands avoid making adaptive clothes.  It is hard on their margins.  

The idea of universal design is what excites me most.  This means considering adaptability from the jump.  Universality is on my mind.  My other priority is to make things beautiful, not an after-thought. I know that I can't make one thing that works for every single person.  There is really no one-size-fit-all.  But we try and I know that people deeply appreciate us trying."

- Anna-Maria Mountfort, mimiTENS (adaptive small business owner)





Cool gear. Easier living. We’re three fun-loving designers who teamed up to make technology work better for everyone. Fresh innovations, simple equation: life + gear. ANKHGEAR. Seriously simpler.


Baby Zips

Outerwear that makes dressing your child as easy as ABC.
Zip up and down the sleeves for a versatile fit that allows for a personalized, effortless experience without sacrificing style or warmth.

Baby Zips.jpg



Bra Easy

The BraEasy has an innovative new way for all women to wear adaptive bras that enable them to dress independently and comfortably! It can be worn like any other bra but it's easier for everyone.



mimiTENS is an independent design brand that came to be when its owner, Anna-Maria Mountfort set out to make the kids mittens of her dreams. While mimiTENS began making mittens, it has grown to make more children's accessories that respond to the needs of parents and the rigors of everyday life.

mimiTENS photo.jpg
Zappos Adaptive.png


Zappos Adaptive

Functional and fashionable products to make life easier. Inclusive designs.

Prosthetics & Braces

Prosthetics Adaptability


A Step Ahead Prosthetics

Give patients the tools and resources necessary to allow them to achieve their goals.


Boots and Bar Covers

Clubfoot Talipes personalized bar covers with optional play tags, Boot Covers, Milestone Cards, Night light, Key rings, Christmas Decorations, and Crafts.

Boots and Bar Covers for Clubfoot Talipes
Bracers EU Clubfoot.jpg


Bracers EU Clubfoot

Handmade accessories for your clubfoot baby.


Cornerstone Prosthetics

Mission is to provide the highest quality prosthetic and orthodic care, enabling patients to achieve and exceed their vocational, recreational and lifestyle goals.

Cornerstone Prosthetics.jpg
Koalaa Community


Koalaa Community

At Koalaa we hope to build a great community and provide a peer to peer service whereby our limb buddies, who have personal experience with limb difference, support our users in exploring how soft prosthetics could support their lifestyle. We hope to provide people worldwide with affordable prostheses and a community they can contact.


Macdowell Silicones

Strengthened by the new technologies and innovative materials that science makes available to us through a continuous search for cutting-edge techniques, we are always able to give the best quality to our patients.

Mac Dowell Silicones
Open Bionics.png


Open Bionics

Award-winning prosthetics company creating advanced, intuitive and affordable 3D-printed bionic limbs, starting with the Hero Arm.



Able Model Management

Our mission statement revolves around one key concept - “Fashion is for Everyone”. As a creative team, we feel strongly about being inclusive and making fashion accessible to all men, women, and children. We aim to be open-minded and want to ensure that we give equal opportunities to individuals or groups of people that feel they have been misrepresented by society and the fashion industry itself.

Able Model Management.png


Zebedee Talent Management.png

Zebedee Talent Management

Our purpose is to change the way disability, visible difference and gender identity are represented in the media. Founded in 2017 with a passion for diversity, today we’re the world's leading inclusive talent agency, supporting hundreds of models and actors across Europe, USA and Australia, and working with some of the world’s biggest brands – including Gucci, Mercedes, Vogue, Estee Lauder, Disney, The BBC and HBO

Other Inclusive Businesses

Inclusive Business


A Doll Like Me

A doll like me is a nonprofit. Everyone deserves to look into the sweet face of a doll and see their own. Being unique makes you beautiful.



All natural muscle, joint, and prosthetic comfort creams; formulated with essential oils for discomfort due to injuries, aches and more.

Muscle and Joint Cream
Adaptive Sports



A nonprofit organization located in Newbury New Hampshire at Mount Sunapee. Offering a variety of adaptive sport and recreation for individuals with disabilities-skiing, snowboarding, hiking, kayaking, and paddle boarding.


Prep Mate

Works to create a chopping board for people with upper limb differences and dexterity related disabilities.

Prep Mate.png

Small & Inclusive Business Recommendations

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