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What We Do

Beautifully Made Community empowers expectant parents and families by providing support, resources, education and a vast community that celebrates limb differences and limb loss. 

Our collaboration with hospital networks allows us to provide community outreach through events along with educational tools to promote awareness of the different types of limb differences and limb loss.



Our mission is to bridge the gap between limb difference discovery and finding community and support by providing our resources and collaborative events to hospital networks across the United States and Canada. 


A community that gives families with limb differences the confidence they need to feel accepted, embraced, and beautiful.



  • Goal #1: Provide resources and education to health care professionals and systems seeking more information related to limb differences 


  • Goal #2: Provide community outreach and support through hospital events


  • Goal #3: Provide resources, education  community, and representation to families, loved ones, and individuals with limb differences


  • Goal #4: We strive to connect our communities with diversity focused businesses and inclusive children’s book authors through our media, events and resources


  • Goal #5: Collaboration within our community is of the utmost importance to us in order to create meaningful relationships with resources for others.

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